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White Label BI Solutions

Your ability to understand the critical elements of your business—your best customers, your most successful campaigns, your worst process bottlenecks— can determine whether you succeed or fail. To gain such insight, organizations of all sizes must be able to consolidate data, then analyze and report on it.

A number of BPO providers have partnered with Cloud-Stax in providing their customers with BI tools on SaaS model. This has resulted in huge savings and high Customer Satisfaction Index in their Business. We are ready to talk to you about this and take you through our innovative partner development model.
Adding business intelligence to a BPO proposal not only can enhance your business acquisition roadmap but also reduces risks for all parties. Companies deciding to pursue critical business function outsourcing are frequently concerned with loosing process effectiveness and control in long run thus integrating business intelligence in BPO proposals enables your Customers to continuously monitor business process through Cloud-Stax pre-configured dashboards and fully web based analytics platform. Cloud-Stax also reduces the risks of the BPO provider continuous monitoring of SLA metrics established by Client.

Partnering with us brings you several benefits:-

  • Readymade reporting and analytics capabilities from a specialist: You get to focus on your core business application functionalities and not on building in-depth reporting and analytics capabilities from bottom-up
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition: With in-depth reporting and business intelligence capabilities built in within your solution
  • On-Demand, modular business intelligence and reporting: Make it available only for customers who require advanced BI/reporting
  • Fully re-brandable including white labeling: Make your product/service integration with a powerful BI tool seamless to your users
  • Scalable architecture: Cloud-Stax is based on a high performance reporting engine based on a grid architecture. This takes care of your on-demand reporting needs quick and fast
  • Special discounted pricing model: As our partner, you get to enjoy discounted pricing that works for you.

Free consultation program (3 Days) helps you get started with us!!!

  • Understand your reporting and business intelligence needs and recommend you the best solution
  • Set up your reporting database and data upload process
  • Get you started in creating & organizing the required dashboards, charts, pivot tables etc
  • Setup sharing and collaboration environment for your reporting database, to facilitate working as a team
  • Live demo of how to use Cloud-Stax to easily identify trends and extract useful business information/results
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